Written by Tal Frank
November 3rd, 2016
Welcome to the PhysicianLoans Blog

Welcome. I am excited to be engaging in another outlet for communicating with medical students, residents and practicing physicians across the U.S. This blog will serve as a steady stream of information, industry updates and answers for doctors exploring home buying, selling, refinancing and real estate investing. Let me begin by telling you a little about myself.

I have been with PhysicianLoans since 1997. My parents were the original founders of the company in 1994 under the more generic name Tower Mortgage Corp. Back then, we were a traditional mortgage company, serving just the state of Ohio.

While a student at THE Ohio State University I assisted my parents with a lot of the startup work involved as well as working part time on marketing for the company. Upon graduating from OSU with a B.S in Business Administration in 1995, I went to work for Fifth Third Bank, a company I still admire, in the management training program and commercial lending department. My intent was not to leave the bank after just two years, and in fact, I had wanted to spread my wings on my own for a bit longer before contemplating working for my parents. The short story though is that an opportunity came up and I made the switch in 1997.

While at Ohio State, one of my marketing professors, Dr. Roger Blackwell, stressed the importance of focusing on a niche. In fact, he stated in class one day that if we remember nothing else he taught, we should remember the lessons we covered about niche marketing. That thought stayed with me over the next several years. Once I joined my parents company full time, I saw a window to serve a niche and we started putting things in motion to transition from Tower Mortgage Corp. to PhysicianLoans. Initially, only 5% or so of our business was home loans for doctors but that grew over time to become 100% of our focus. Our growth is attributed to not just offering a special mortgage for doctors but also to our honest approach and the education we provide to the medical community. It helps to know that one of the reasons I was sensitive to this niche was due to my younger brother going through medical school during this time at the University of Cincinnati. I saw that despite his brilliance, he needed a lot of assistance and guidance on financial matters from my parents and myself. He also encouraged his classmates to call me for advice – and with that my education platform was born.

I have been told many times by many people that I am a very good and patient teacher. That trait always showed up in the various personality and skills assessment tests I took over the years. DiSC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinder and others all reinforced the fact that I am a good teacher. In fact, as a senior at Ohio State, one of the jobs I had applied for was with an insurance company. I find it interesting that the branch owner told me that based on the personality assessment they ran, I was too nurturing, not aggressive enough and would therefore not make a good salesperson. He was right, at least in that I am nurturing, I care deeply about others and I do not hard sell. I teach and I am honest. I believe the rest will follow. I explain things clearly and break down concepts into understandable bits. Over the last 20 years I have advised medical students and doctors in person, over the phone, at workshops and on live webinars, written articles and conducted interviews. It has been working well and I plan to continue on that path. Only now I am also blogging. One day I may even tweet.

While late to the blogging game I am excited to add this as another avenue for educating students and professionals.

I will cover topics that are relevant to the season as we move through the physician education and relocation cycle. While I will focus primarily on home buying and financing, with a special emphasis on home loans for doctors, I will also invite other experts to discuss topics relevant to doctors such as insurance, home maintenance, banking, retirement planning, practice start-up and more. We will also have a special focus on expert advice from real estate agents who specialize in working with doctors buying and selling homes. I am excited about all the information and advice we will be sharing with you on this platform.

I encourage your feedback and comments about each topic discussed. With your input we can all learn from each other –where successes lie and where we can help with roadblocks that might be tripping you up. I also look forward to suggested topics for us to address in upcoming posts. You may leave comments at the end of each post, email me directly at talfrank@physicianloans.com or call us at 877-913-6286.