The Right Mortgage Loan for Resident Physicians

Are you a 1st year resident? Or maybe you are in the final year of your 5 year of residency? No matter where you are in your residency, our PhysicianLoans Resident Mortgage program is the best option for you. We offer the most stability and the most flexibility which is important during a period in your life when the only constant is change.

Your financial position can vary widely over the 3 – 5 year residency period. Depending on your program year, the size of house you are buying may vary widely as well.

young smiling resident physician in scrubs
Many features of the Physicianloans Resident Mortgage program help make your residency period so much smoother as it relates to your home:
  • No Money Down
  • No PMI a great way to achieve lower monthly payments.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Student Loans treated in a special manner- Making it much easier for you to qualify. Are you aware that standard loan guidelines including Fannie Mae must still count student loans payments even if the loan is deferred?
  • Low Rates - We keep our rates extremely low even with little to no money down and No PMI.
  • Flexible Terms - Select from our PhysicianLoans Adjustable Rate Mortgages (3-Year ARM; 5-Year ARM; 7-Year ARM; 10-Year ARM; or 15-Year ARM)

Just as you specialize in one area, so do our professional loan officers. We work with doctors every day providing the highest level of service. You will work with trained experts who understand your unique situation.

Many loans from other companies that cannot offer the true Physicianloans Resident Mortgage program, may offer one, two, maybe even three of the above benefits. But nobody can offer ALL of the benefits that Physicianloans can.

Physicianloans is the company you can trust to take care of you and we look forward to continue to work with you over the years as you continue to grow in your career.

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