The Right Home Loan for Practicing Physicians

You may be aware that our Physician Loans Program is the ideal home loan for graduating medical students and residents, but did you know it is an excellent loan for practicing physicians as well?

Although your income may be higher now, you may not yet have the savings to put a large down payment on the home of your dreams. If you do have the savings, you may not want to tie up that asset in your home. Your down payment may be better used for other investments.

Therefore, you may want to buy your home with ZERO down, GREAT rates, and NO PMI.

mature doctor standing in front of hospital
For Practicing Physicians this mortgage offers:

Zero Down and No PMI on residential loan programs.*

We do not charge the traditional higher Jumbo loan pricing for loans above $417,000. This gives you a GREAT rate on LARGER LOAN AMOUNTS compared to other loans on the market.

We offer a variety of options within the PhysicianLoans family of home loans for physicians, allowing you to structure the best scenario for your needs.

Experienced Staff:

Our Loan Officers are trained professionals. They are experts in the physician loans field and are prepared to work with your unique requirements.

We will always have your best interest as our #1 Priority. We will consult, advise, and help you select the loan option that is best for you, while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process from application thru closing.

For the best program and the best service, talk to one of our Loan Officers.

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