PhysicianLoans Launches $500 Scholarship for Texas Medical Students
January 19th, 2017

PhysicianLoans, the creator of the mortgage loan product for physicians and medical school graduates, today announced a $500 scholarship for fourth year students enrolled in a Texas medical school. In contrast to many scholarships available for medical school students which ask about professional accomplishments, PhysicianLoans has designed a unique application process for the scholarship, which includes extra points for creativity.

Interested and eligible medical students are asked to submit a 60 to 120 second video on the following topic:

“Why Is Communication Important in Medicine?”

The video can be serious or funny. Entrants are given wide latitude in developing the substance of their video. Options range from demonstrating how all parties involved in patient care benefit from proper communication, to communication products and tools which assist doctors in providing their services, to the various ways communication takes place. Some may even point out areas of communication in need of improvement. In comparison to most medical education scholarships, this award does not require a focus on medical training or the degree. “This scholarship is meant to be fun, and is designed to showcase the talent of many of Texas’ outstanding medical students, as well as their understanding of one of the most important aspects of medicine, which is communication” said Tal Frank, President of PhysicianLoans.

“PhysicianLoans has been offering specialized physician home loan financing in Texas since 2009. Since that time, Texas doctors have welcomed our presence, and have been extremely receptive to the benefits of this mortgage loan for medical students and practicing physicians,” said Frank. “We wanted to show our support to the state of Texas by offering the students attending its medical institutions an innovative scholarship that emphasizes something different than most scholarships. Besides, we didn’t want the application to be a chore.”

How to apply

  1. Create a 60 – 120 second video. May feature the applicant and/or other participants.
  2. Provide applicant name, medical school and email address within the video. (Entries will not be made public without first obtaining consent of the applicant)
  3. Email the video to, with TX Scholarship as the subject line.
  4. Complete application by scholarship deadline: February 28th, 2017.
  5. Look for scholarship winner announcement made on or before March 24th, 2017.

Medical students previously residing in Texas, but enrolled in institutions outside of Texas are not eligible for this particular scholarship. Must be a medical student currently enrolled in their fourth-year of a Texas-based MD or DO program to be eligible.

About PhysicianLoans

Since 1993, PhysicianLoans has exclusively focused on providing home mortgage loans to medical professionals. Located in Columbus, Ohio, PhysicianLoans is known for its unique, flagship product The Doctor Loan, which is offered to medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians, many of whom find themselves laden with significant student loan debt that often prohibits obtaining a conventional mortgage loan.

Source – PRWeb