doctors closing on their physician home loanPhysicianLoans was founded in 1993. We offer a unique product — The Doctor Loan, available only to medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians. Although we are a “brick & mortar” company based in Columbus, Ohio, PhysicianLoans is licensed in 18 states. As such, each of our Loan Officers holds all the appropriate licenses to conduct business in those states. Because the PhysicianLoans product is exclusive to the medical community, we spend dedicated time educating physicians about home loan financing. Medical schools and hospitals across the nation have invited us to conduct seminars about home financing for graduates and doctors.

During these seminars, one of the most asked questions is about affordability of a home when saddled with educational debt. Once doctors learn about this unique home loan product, they see light at the end of the tunnel and a chance to grab the brass ring of home ownership without delay.

We take great pride in having pioneered a product that makes it possible for new doctors to purchase a home. The Doctor Loan helps doctors by clearing hurdles such as high debt ratios and few assets, which would disqualify new doctors from traditional loans. Scaling past that barrier allows doctors to buy a home straight from medical school, without incurring additional private mortgage insurance (PMI) fees.

You’ll find our Loan Officers are not just sales people. Instead, you’ll work with trained professionals who have made a career of serving the financial needs of physicians buying homes. You can expect responsive and understanding service from us as your doctor home loan is processed.


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