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For 4th Year Medical Students and 1st Year Residents

Special Loan Only Available To 4th Year Medical Students And 1st Year Residents.

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For Medical Students

Plan to buy a home upon graduating from Medical School? Then the Physician Loan Program, also know as The Doctor Loan, is a GREAT choice. So what is The Doctor Loan and how does it benefit you?

For Residents

No matter where you are in your residency, The Physician Loan Program is the best option for you. The Doctor Loan offers both stability and flexibility during this period of change.

For Practicing Physicians

The Physician Mortgage is an excellent option for practicing physicians as well. Although your income may be higher now, you may want to buy your home with ZERO down and NO PMI.

The Doctor Loan

The PhysicianLoans Doctor Loan is a great mortgage for doctors at every stage of their career. The Physician Loan Program is simply the best way for a physician to buy a home.


Learn More About The Doctor Loan

The Physician Loan Program, The Doctor Loan, provides physician mortgages with the benefits you are looking for:
  • 100% Financing – No Money Down
  • Flexible Loan Programs – Choose the payment option that is Best for you
  • No PMI – Lower Monthly Payments
  • Move in up to 90+ days prior to starting your next position
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • A true loan for Doctors with special underwriting

Are you just out of medical school, in residency, or a physician who has been in practice for many years? Then The Physician Loan program offers a great mortgage for you. The Doctor Loan.

No other mortgage loan has all of the benefits of The Doctor Loan AND still provides GREAT RATES. Our Doctor Loan is simply the best way for a physician to obtain home financing.





For Medical Students

If you plan to buy a home upon graduating from Medical School, Physician Loan Program, also known as The Doctor Loan, is a GREAT choice.

For Residents

Are you a 1st year resident physician? Are you in the final year of your 5 year residency? No matter.

For Practicing Physicians

Did you know that The Doctor Loan is an excellent option for practicing physicians as well?

The Physician Loan

The Doctor Loan is a great mortgage for physicians regardless of whether they are just out of medical school, in residency or practicing.


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Welcome to the PhysicianLoans Blog

Welcome. I am excited to be engaging in another outlet for communicating with medical students, residents and practicing physicians across the U.S. This blog will serve as a steady stream of information, industry updates and answers for doctors exploring home buying, selling, refinancing and real estate investing.

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How Much House Can I Afford?

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from potential homebuyers is “How much home can I afford?”. Many physicians, to include $55K per year residents or $400K per year anesthesiologists, truly do not know what that number is. There is a mathematical answer and a lifestyle answer. Both are correct and neither is exclusive of the other. Both answers should be taken into consideration when actually making an offer on a home.

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Physician Home Financing Workshop

This LIVE and FREE workshop is the webinar version of the highly popular on-campus workshop we offer at medical schools across the country. As this is a live webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them immediately answered by an expert during the session.


Benefits From Our Partners

PhysicianLoans is proud to offer these special benefits from our partners

The DRS Agent Network consist of certified agents that specialize in working with doctors for their residential real estate needs. A DRS Agent™ is a professional real estate agent who has been certified and is committed to serving the medical community with the highest levels of service. This agent is highly knowledgeable about the local community and is the one best suited to meet the real estate needs of a physician.


The AMA is the largest association of physicians—including both MDs and DOs—and medical students in the United States. With over 200,000 members, the AMA works hard to advance the interest of physicians and their patients, promotes public health and raises money for medical education. PhysicianLoans is a Preferred Provider for the AMA for both the mortgage services and the DRS Agent Network matching doctors with experienced real estate agents.


The Student Osteopathic Medical Association is a national, not-for-profit osteopathic medical organization founded to ensure a high quality of education for D.O. medical students and to improve the delivery of healthcare by Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. Tal Frank, President of PhysicianLoans, serves on the SOMA Foundation Advisory Board. Both PhysicianLoans and the DRS Agent Network are offered to SOMA as a Member Benefit.


Keep the best residencies within reach with the Sallie Mae Medical Residency and Relocation Loan which keeps you in the race for residencies by financing expenses associated with finding one, including travel to interviews and relocation costs which may not be covered by federal student loan programs. No Payments While in School and For 3 Years After Graduation


The AOA is the member organization for over 135,000 osteopathic medical students and doctors (D.O.s) in the United States. PhysicianLoans is proud to have been selected as the preferred service providing mortgages and real estate agent matches through the DRS Agent Network to relocating AOA members.


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We wanted to send you a huge Thank You! The closing went super smooth and the closing attorney was really impressed with how organized and on time everything was. The title company on our last house complimented you as well three years ago saying how they never see lenders with everything perfectly together. Thanks for helping us get the house and getting it done when we needed it. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends.

Dr. Folley

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